Author Guidelines

IJOL uses the website ( to peer review the manuscripts submitted for potential publication. Authors are highly recommended to read the guideline for authors before submitting their manuscripts.

Detailed guidelines for drafting and submitting your manuscripts to this journal are presented below.

Please note that only manuscripts which comply with all criteria set for the manuscripts to be forwarded to the reviewers. In case of any violations, the manuscript is subject to immediate rejection. Authors are required to:

● Follow the guidelines given by the APA manual (7th ed.) intimately. A useful resource for APA 7th Edition is: and APA's Checklist for Manuscript Submission.

● Use clear language and observe academic writing style.

● Follow a clear structure in terms of introduction, rationale for the study, objective/s, research design, methodology, analyses and results, discussions and conclusions, and also suggestions for further studies.

● Make sure that consistency exists between the references cited in the main body of the manuscript and those credited in the references section.

● Bear in mind that all manuscripts are to be accompanied by an abstract of 200 to 250 words (see Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed., chapter 2).

● Pay careful attention to preparing the manuscript to allow blinded review.

● Submit the manuscript only to IJOL and nowhere else. Manuscripts that have already been published or are under review somewhere else will not be given any consideration.



Manuscripts need to be approximately 8000 words in length with abstract and references included. Longer or shorter manuscripts might be also taken into consideration depending on the quality of content and the contribution which it might have to the field of management.



The language of the journal is English. Manuscripts should meet high academic writing standards.

Non-English speakers can send their manuscripts to the Language and Style Edition Department of CIKD Publishing ( for refining the language of the manuscript. Technical Support Center can improve your manuscript statistical and mathematical analysis. Depending on the degree of corrections required, the center would charge the author some language and technical polishing fees.

Both American and British English are accepted. Just make sure that consistency has been observed throughout the paper in terms of spelling and syntax.

The Editor and members of the editorial board would take a brief look at the manuscripts submitted and would make any appropriate suggestions to authors regarding different sections of the manuscript.


Review process

IJOL aims to expedite the peer-reviewing process. If judged to be suitable for the journal, the manuscripts will be forwarded to at least three reviewers drawn from among experts in the field. Upon receiving comments given by two of the reviewers, the journal will announce the results of reviews to the authors.


Free Article Access

Corresponding authors have free access to their articles through the journal website (



By submitting their manuscripts to this journal, the authors assign the copyright of the publications to the journal.


Editors and Reviewers

The CIKD Publishing encourages scholars, researchers, and experts from different fields of management to join this journal as editors and reviewers. The CIKD Publishing strongly believes that its academic ambitions can only be achieved through the collective efforts which the board of editors and reviewers kindly bring to the journal. Please do not hesitate to the managing editor ( if you happen to need any further inquiries.