Keywords : Moral

Subordinate responses to leadership: Evidence from an emerging market firm

Lydia Arbaiza; Jorge Guillén

International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 2016, Volume 5, Issue 4, Pages 433-442
DOI: 10.33844/ijol.2016.60343

This paper was conducted to examine the effect of
paternalistic and Western leadership style using a sample of 326 subordinates.
Due to insufficient number of studies about the type of relationship between
subordinates’ responses and leadership type, this study aimed to determine
whether paternalistic and Western leadership has a positive impact on managing
subordinates. The respondents are employed at a wide variety of firms around
Peru, such as Banking, Informational Technology, Commerce, Supply Chain, Construction
and Law. A quantile regression was conducted to determine the effects of
different types of paternalistic leadership such as benevolent leadership,
moral leadership, and authoritarian on subordinate responses. The findings
revealed that paternalistic leadership had a positive influence on compliance
and gratitude while transformational leadership had a positive influence on
gratitude. The survey was limited to Lima due to the current researcher did not
have access to subordinate interviews throughout the Latin American Region. The
results of this study were relevant to leadership theory and practices that can
be implemented in Peruvian firms