Keywords : Service Quality

TRANSLEADQUAL Model: A Survey Instrument Developed for Transformational Leadership Style Conceptualized from SERVQUAL Model

Anantha Raj A. Arokiasamy

International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 2019, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 12-21
DOI: 10.33844/ijol.2019.60468

When leaders nurture and identify individual talents in society, they are described as being transformational in nature. Some of the most popular leadership traits has been on transformational leadership, transactional leadership, servant leadership and most recently authentic leadership. Research on the transformational leadership has been one of the most frequently studied areas of investigation in the leadership spectrum. Although bout loads of articles have indeed explained in detail the transformational leadership style and the constructs involved but little has been said regarding the transformational leadership and service quality model together. Even though a lot of review has cited the instruments available as measures of transformational leadership quality, however, there is much evidence to support the gap conceptualizing the transformational leadership with service quality model. Hence the term TRANSLEADQUAL model was used in this conceptual paper to describe the development of this instrument used for gauging employee perceptions of the leadership service quality in private organizations. This paper employed the TRANSLEADQUAL conceptualized from the 22-item instrument (called SERVQUAL) used for assessing customer perceptions of service quality in business organizations. As a generic model for many exceptional studies, SERVQUAL is truly valued and appreciated by many academicians and practitioners worldwide. The paper identified a truly novel concept and recommend survey instrument for transformational leadership style management conceptualized from the generic SERVQUAL Model.