Organizational culture; A crucial but neglected aspect of change

Organizational culture is associated with several factors. At the same time, it is supposed to be the driver of change in today's competitive business environment. Organizations need to have a supportive culture that provides the condition to work in a rapidly changing world.

A good organizational culture paves the way for change. Culture is the base for strategic planning that facilitates and enables organizational change. Changing the organizational culture and building a new culture takes time. But it is worth the effort since a supportive organizational culture makes it easier to adopt agile values like innovation, problem-solving, competitiveness, and creative teamwork.
The changing form and nature of the work in the digitalized world in which Remote employees are increasing drastically is another aspect of the business world. These transformations need rethinking in terms of issues in organizational culture. The working environment for the remote workers is completely different from the office workers' environment. These changes challenge the cultural status quo. The first step in changing culture is a consensus in support of the necessity of cultural change. Such an agreement will help the whole organization to move toward it. Despite recognition of the importance of organizational culture, it remains extremely neglected. The complicated nature of the culture and different approaches to it is one of the reasons why it is being put aside by managers and leaders.
However, many significant indicators show that an organization's culture suffers from many problems and does not meet the requirements for expected agility and adaptability to continually increasing change. The amount of time wasted in routine official meetings and delays in responding to customers and solving their problems are indicators that need to be assessed by the managers. Their attention in this regard will enable them to transform the culture of their organization and make it more effective and efficient.