There are a series of unprecedented challenges that businesses face today. Technological progress, a more complex marketplace with harsh competition, and consumers' different expectations have created a highly uncertain environment in which everything is different than before. 

To deal with these challenges, outlining, recognizing, and addressing the signs that indicate the rapid change of the business environment is crucial. But it is vital to answer the question that who is responsible for making important decisions related to the determination and implementation of the strategic, thoughtful, and crisis-response policies and decisions? 

Research findings based upon qualitative methods and pragmatic approaches resulting in a unique response: leaders. The role of the leaders in supporting business and creating opportunities that result in survival and growth is undeniable.  

That is why that considerable attention has been devoted to leadership development programs. As a result, these programs are becoming one of the most prominent fields in the business training world. This fact will build a part of the future of vocational and professional education organizations. as a result, investing strategies related to these kinds of training programs will probably be considered by the training experts. These strategies may include offering world-class and inclusive training courses and holding professional events and conferences where effective business connections and networking occur.