Why was the pandemic not so bad for the leaders? What kind of organizational leadership can be highly effective in the time of the Pandemic?


Covid 19 posed many disastrous challenges to the societies. One of the most critical aspects of this challenge has been economic disruption. It shrunk the global economy and threatened economic growth and prosperity both at the government and firm levels. Many companies and firms were forced to take the first step themselves long before receiving government-backed grants and bail-out. The new uncertain and fragile situations burden mostly leaders and managers. Their role on the front lines of the war waged by the pandemic was genuinely crucial. They have to deal with new challenges and the problematic situation in which there is no certain solution for getting the company closer to success. It seems that the leaders need to revise their old approaches as they will have to seek new ways to survive and succeed even after the pandemic is gone. The pandemic was, in fact, a shifting tool for the leaders. It taught them that the old key would not any more open the door to success and prosperity. The pandemic and its consequences showed that among the various capabilities, the ability to respond rapidly and the flexibility to revision are very important for the new generation of leaders.

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