Keywords : Performance assessment

Designing an Optimal Pattern of Assessing Native and Non-Native Managers’ Performance in Hormozgan Province, Iran

Tayeb Dehghani; Serajaldin Mohebbi; Mehdi Bagheri

International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 2020, Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 198-213
DOI: 10.33844/ijol.2020.60506

Nowadays, the issue of public sector managers’ responsiveness to their actions in the new
managerial environment is addressed more intensely. Therefore, in the modern attitude,
assessing managers’ performance as a framework for implementing strategies and policies,
achieving organizational goals, and their responsiveness to beneficiaries and the society is
considered. This study aims to develop an optimal pattern to assess native and non-native
managers’ performance in terms of four aspects of human, perceptual, and technical skills
as well as personal traits and measure their performance through the combination of 360 –
degree feedback and analytic network process. The statistical population consists of two
groups of native and non-native managers in key posts in Hormozgan province. The
required samples, who were selected through proportional stratified random sampling, for
the groups of native and non-native managers are respectively estimated to be 31 and 23.
The indices of performance assessment were extracted through the meta-synthesis method
and validated using the Delphi technique and experts’ opinions. By combining 360-degree
feedback and analytic network process, native and non-native managers were appropriately
ranked, which this ranking can be applied to administrative agencies of Hormozgan