Keywords : Competitive Spirit

The effect of in-service entrepreneurship training on mass media managers’ entrepreneurship: A case study of IRIB

Hassan Motaharrad; Hamid Reza Arasteh; Parivash Jafari

International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 2014, Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 114-126
DOI: 10.33844/ijol.2014.60433

This study investigates the impact of in-service entrepreneurship training on the improvement of mass media managers’ entrepreneurship in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Tehran, Iran. Features of corporate entrepreneurship were regarded as four dimensions of creativity and innovation, risk-taking, perseverance, and competitive spirit. Also, we examined the effect of entrepreneurship training on corporate entrepreneurship. To collect the data, we developed a questionnaire. Forty four production managers of IRIB volunteered tofill in the questionnaire. However, 4 persons were excluded from the group due to incomplete completion of the questionnaire and treatment which made the participants 40 people. The participants were randomly assigned to two participating groups. To test the hypotheses,
variance and multi-covariance tests were applied. The analysis of the data obtained showed that the entrepreneurship training has significant effect on creativity, risk-taking, perseverance, and competitive spirit.