Keywords : Psychological empowerment

Psychological Empowerment and Organizational Innovation: Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

Amin Nikpour

International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 2018, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 106-119
DOI: 10.33844/ijol.2018.60421

The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of employee’s psychological empowerment, employee’s job satisfaction, and employee’s organizational commitment on organizational innovation. The study is a kind of descriptive- correlational research that was conducted using a survey. Also, this study is in terms of the objective of the development-applied research. The statistical population of the study included all employees in Refah bank of Kerman city, and 244 employees were selected as the sample. The psychological empowerment, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational innovation questionnaires were used to collect the data, and descriptive and inferential statistics including structural equation modeling technique were used to analyze the gathered data. The findings confirmed the conceptual model of the study, and also found that employee’s psychological empowerment beyond its direct influence exerts indirect effect on organizational innovation through the mediations of employee’s job satisfaction and organizational commitment and the extent of indirect effect is significantly higher than that of direct one.