Author : Kaposloz, Hryhorii

Influence of Characteristics of Self-actualization and Coping Behavior on Resistance of Teachers to Professional Stressors and Emotional Burnout

Elena Voitenko; Hryhorii Kaposloz; Serhii Myronets; Oksana Zazymko; Vasyll Osodlo

International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 2021, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 1-14
DOI: 10.33844/ijol.2021.60514

The availability of conflicting data in the scientific literature on the correlations between self-actualization, occupational stress and emotional burnout has suggested that the nature of the
relationship between occupational stress and self-actualization and emotional burnout may
change due to some other variables, such as coping strategies. The aim of the study is to
determine the nature of the relationship between emotional burnout as a result of occupational
stress with the characteristics of self-actualization and the peculiarities of coping behavior of
teachers. In a pilot study organized by the cross-sectional design, a survey of 107 Ukrainian
teachers was conducted. According to the purpose of the study, the following diagnostic
techniques were used: Victor Boyko's method of diagnosing the level of emotional burnout,
version of the Russian-language adaptation of Shostrom's self-actualization test SAT and
Ways of Coping Questionnaire. The main hypotheses of this study were tested using
correlation analysis and analysis of variance. It was found that the severity of burnout is
negatively correlated with self-actualization. In addition, the joint influence of self-actualization indicators and certain coping strategies on the nature of the formation of different
stages of emotional burnout was detected. It was also determined that coping strategies are
formed under the influence of two factors. On the one side, it is professional stress and burnout,
and on the other side, it is the desire to satisfy the need for self-actualization. The results
showed that the predictor of successful adaptation of teachers to the requirements of
professional activity are certain characteristics of the personal profile of coping behavior,
which have a mitigating effect on stress factors determined by self-actualization. Future
research is needed to determine the effectiveness of certain coping strategies on teachers'
resistance to occupational stressors and burnout over a longer period of follow-up