Keywords : Team Spirit

The Organizational Citizenship Behavior Impact on the Adaptive Performance of Moroccan Employees

Zakaria Nejjari; Hanane Aamoum

International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 2020, Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 214-226
DOI: 10.33844/ijol.2020.60507

In this article, the relation between organizational citizenship behavior and adaptive
performance has been studied. The study was carried out with 67 Moroccan companies. The
sample used for this study is composed of 289 employees. This study is fundamentally a
quantitative study using the methodology of survey research and SMART PLS by means of
structural equation modeling (SEM) to evaluate information. Educational and managerial
providers can use the findings to know what the capacity of individuals to adapt to new
conditions and requirements of a job as well as the findings help professionals understand
individual factors of adaptive performance. The results showed that adaptive performance is
influenced by organizational citizenship behaviors—individuals and organizational
citizenship behaviors—organizations and that the influence of organizational citizenship
behaviors—individuals is greater than that of organizational citizenship behaviors—
organizations. This research provides innovative knowledge regarding the adaptative
performance of the employees. Concerning the limitations of the study which also reconfigure
lines of future research, it is important to note, in the first place, the geographical restriction
of the population under study to the Moroccan employees.